Week 2

During week one, every day I have done a bit more than the day before. I have done a 2 or 3 rounds of breathing exercises, realizing this morning(Wednesday) that I need to warm up first to hold my breath the longest time count, which right now is 10 seconds. The same with the leg physical therapy exercises I have been doing. I also walk from one end of my apartment to the other and back. That is also much easier.

Also, on Wednesday, I did my dishes and put half away. I went from my kitchen to the bathroom and back to the kitchen with no breathing difficulty or leg or knee pain. THAT alone is a big deal for me!

Through the week, I kept doing a bit here and there, and every day, I saw improvements. When I stand up now, I don’t feel as wobbly as I have in the past.

I also started the new version of WW reimagined and I am loving it! They really embrace the complete picture, not just watching what you eat, but everything that factors in getting and maintaining a healthy weight.

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