The Two Times My Beautiful Pooter Kittie Thought I Tried to Kill Him

Years ago, I had a beautiful Black and White Tuxedo kitty I named Smudge. He was a shelter kitty and the sweetest I have ever known.

He never gave me a second of worry. I, however, worried him twice.

Well, twice that I know of.

One time I startled my poor kitty to dickens, but really, he shouldn’t have followed me into the bathroom.

I was doing my business and startled him so, he jumped straight up in the air and flipped himself round.

He achieved impressive height!

Some years later recovering from some intestinal bug; my doctor instructed me to eat plenty of yogurt to replenish

the intestinal flora chased out via the aforementioned intestinal bug.

So, I am at my computer sitting in my office chair with Smudge perched contently snoozing on the back of the chair.

I felt lower abdominal discomfort and living alone; I adjusted my position in my chair to relieve the discomfort.

To my surprise, I heard a loud THUNK! To this day I do not know if Smudge passed out and fell off

or I blew him off the back of the chair, but I turned to look at him.

He was in defense-crouched-down-mode looking at me with the widest eye expression I

ever saw on anybody EVER.IN.MY.LIFE.!!

“MOM!!! Are you trying to kill me????????????”

His expression was like this:

Except his eyes were HUGE!

I shared this story with everybody I knew and laughed about it for three days.

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