64 and Still a College Freshman *UPDATE* Now a College Sophomore

I am taking summer courses at my THIRD university, University of Montana, through their online classes. My major is Media Arts and I am minoring in Psychology.

Because of my learning disability, plus the clinical depression and complex ptsd developed when I was a child, I flunked out of two previous schools. At least, there are some credits from both, I am grateful for that!

This summer session is going nicely; I can read, remember what I read and absorb it. Before, I could not and believe me, it freaked me out!

If my brain doesn’t work, how can I better my skills to earn a living for myself and get out of poverty?

Thankfully, all the hard work I have done over the past almost 10 years to face and get past my fears has reduced the negative chatter in my mind and I can happily read and understand what I am reading!

I am taking 3 classes this summer semester so I am confident about taking 12 this Autumn Semester.


I made it through the summer, but it was so stressful! Some classes I took overwhelmed me. I ended up having to withdraw from most I signed up for. I stayed in my drawing class and squeaked by with a C-. I am still in school, but I am on academic probation. For this fall, I wanted to take 12 hours because I was retaking some classes I had withdrawn from. But the way they set financial aid up, if I took 12 hours, I would have to pay thousands of dollars. I am on disability, I can’t afford that. I would owe money even if I took 9 hours. How crazy is that? So, I am taking 6 hours. I am taking College Writing 1, even though I placed in College Writing 2. I opted for College Writing 1 because my grammar stinks and I need to learn citations. I am also retaking my drawing class and am looking forward to hopefully making better drawings.

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