Draft: Sober 12+ Years, This is What I Have Learned About Believing and Achieving Baby Step Goals

Finding out in the early 1990s that I was a clinically depressed alcoholic, I tried different ways to get better. Mostly I bounced around from reading tarot cards to AA meetings and back to psychotherapy. I tried sobriety off and on, relapsing often.

Lost, I finally got serious about the mess my life was in and on November 16, 2007, I stopped drinking. Today, I am sober and happy, doing everything I can to better myself and my life.

Because of chronic illness and mental health obstacles, my progress has been slow and I give thanks every day for that because that speed has brought me solid, sturdy healing. And along my way, I saw firsthand how important and how much stronger that speed has made me.

Morbidly obese for the third time in my life, plus being disabled over a decade due to chronic illnesses and mental illnesses, I have gotten better a tiny bit every day. Now, I realize the importance of balance. I am learning more and more to better my balance and that contributes to bettering my self-esteem.

I also see firsthand how important my self-esteem is; that is now my focus as I pull my life into order to live my best life possible.


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