Sober 12+ Years, This Is What I Have Learned About God Blessing Me With Monsters

All of us have the power we need to heal and live our lives to the fullest inside us. But first we have to get the obstacles out of our way.

Some people look for answers when they are unhappy. They search for information to learn about what matters; they search for information to understand why they do what they do and how to better their lives.

Me? I would have happily gone my entire life not needing to understand or observe firsthand psychopaths, narcissism, alcoholism, promiscuity, self-destruction, self-loathing, or incest.

But that wasn’t to be my path.

I believe God blessed me with monsters because otherwise, without that incentive, I never would have gotten to where I am today.

Desperate for relief from my demons, in recovery I overcame my self-hating lifestyle. Once I got serious about getting better and researching how to get my life in balance, I learned how to eliminate the alcohol cravings that once ruled my life. I have gotten rid of my overeating cravings for about 3 months at a time, but they return because I have a lot of unmet needs. My focus is on getting those needs met to the best of my ability. Writing this blog and my forum are some big needs I am determined to achieve.

Today I have over 12 years sober and am better every day

So, I chose is God Blessed Me with Monsters for this sections title because my focus here is to detail how I overcame my monstrous upbringing that set the stage for my cravings that drove me to chronic illness, mental illness, alcoholism, promiscuity, over-eating and more.

I have healed much over the years and I know I still have a long way to go. But, know this about me: I keep moving myself forward, no matter what is going on.



Love you without addresses

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