Happy Sober Crafter

More than anything, at my 63 years old and sober 13+ years, I want people to see how a life beginning in unspeakable child abuse and domestic violence can be turned around into a better, happier, sober, productive life.

I have sheets of physical therapy exercises I am slowly easing back into. I cannot lie flat in a bed, so I sleep in a wing back chair I have with 2 plastic containers full of some papers I have stored to prop up m legs. On top of the containers, I have 2 sofa […]

*Trigger Warning*   Do you think up something you want to do and get all excited only to get your hopes flattened by negative barrage in your head? Yeah, that used to happen to me too. This is how I got it stopped: I sat down and wrote out my thoughts so I could see […]

  All of us have the power we need to heal and live our lives to the fullest inside us. But first we have to get the obstacles out of our way. Some people look for answers when they are unhappy. They search for information to learn about what matters; they search for information to […]

  Craving free, I began to eat healthier early in July of 2020 or so I thought. I dropped a little weight, then it stopped. Not understanding why my weight loss stopped, I decided to chart everything I ate. The results are in the chart below from 7-18-2020. I was flabbergasted to see how my […]

                                                             This took me a long time to learn. Now, I know to pace myself and resume the next day or even the day after that.I used to think if I wasn’t working or studying all the time; I wasn’t getting anything done. Now I know that belief came from my upbringing and it is […]

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