Happy Sober Crafter

More than anything, at my 63 years old and sober 13+ years, I want people to see how a life beginning in unspeakable child abuse and domestic violence can be turned around into a better, happier, sober, productive life.

Finding out in the early 1990s that I was a clinically depressed alcoholic, I tried different ways to get better. Mostly I bounced around from reading tarot cards to AA meetings and back to psychotherapy. I tried sobriety off and on, relapsing often. Lost, I finally got serious about the mess my life was in […]

*Possible Triggers* My deepest healing began when I felt forced to face the emotions I ran from my entire life: I had to acknowledge the fact that my very own flesh and blood mother and two older sisters abused me with such hatred, almost my entire childhood is a blank. I locked it up in […]

One time, I complimented a lady with beautiful white hair and a classy turquoise suit. She looked exquisite! I told her the suit looked beautiful on her. I didn’t know then that turquoise is the one color EVERYONE can wear successfully. It doesn’t matter what their hair color is, what their skin tone is, or […]

This is important because all the tiny steps you take along the way to reach your goals have a positive impact that will help you feel better about yourself! For example, I can’t clean my entire kitchen in one day. It exhausts me! But every time I walk into my kitchen, I can do a […]

Years ago, I had a beautiful Black and White Tuxedo kitty I named Smudge. He was a shelter kitty and the sweetest I have ever known.  He never gave me a second of worry. I, however, worried him twice. One time I startled my poor kitty to dickens, but really, he shouldn’t have followed me […]

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