Sober 13+ Years, This is What I Have Learned in Recovery

This coming Monday, November 11, 2020, I will have 13 years of sobriety. I love to write, so naturally I will keep that going. I also love to craft.

I see the difference in how I live now compared to how I did before sobriety and sabotaging my best efforts to find my place and be happy.

I realize now how much work it requires reaching that goal, and I do my best to detail my steps so others might find inspiration or something clicks in their brains and they consider entering recovery. Maybe something I write helps them get and stay sober.

Although some relapse and come back and relapse again, that is part of the recovery landscape. It is difficult to get the right support around you to find the strength to stop using.

So, in the meantime, look for others in recovery online who can be supportive until you find your footing. Others will have a wealth of experiences to inspire you and help you get from one day to the next. But also find support from trained professionals who can help you bring recovery structure to your life you can build on.

Whatever you do, don’t manage this on your own. Your recovery will easily take you the rest of your life; that is how complex and far-reaching recovery is. It isn’t just about giving up using; you are rebuilding your life and changing most of what you know.

And that takes time.

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